The Magic Multiples is an additional service which provides subscribers with a daily multiple bet with selections priced between 6-4 and 7-2. The service have proofed bets to the independent Smart Betting Club since June 2020 and in the time until the end of Feb 2023, it has produced a profit to advised of 234 points on 797 bets, a return on investment of 29%. Even better than that it has produced a profit 435 points at Best Odds Guaranteed, a return on investment of a whopping 55%. Results are available on request by emailing

Highlight have included a 6 from 6 winner heinz in June 2021, a 6 from 7 super heinz in August 22 and several yankee and trixie bets where all selections have won.

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Q and As

What time do bets come out? Bets are sent out when markets have settled down, typically between 9.45 and 11am when many bookmakers offer Best Odds Guaranteed

Will I have a problem getting bets on? The beauty of this service is that it helps you preserve your betting accounts. Bookmakers love taking bets on multiples are they are typically seen as a mug bet.

How long will it take to get my bet on? Most days will just have the one multiple bet so it’s a very low effort service, on rare occasions there may be 3 separate multiples but generally this service will only take a couple of minutes a day to operate.