My name is (The Betting Man).  I have been betting professionally for the best part of twenty years looking at all aspects of the betting landscape.

It has become clear in recent years with the restrictions that bookmakers are placing that multiple bets offer a huge opportunity in terms of profitability and in terms of actually getting your money on. The Betting Man Magic Multiples service began in June 2020 and has shown a considerable return on investment in that time and in 2021 landed a 6 from 6 heinz bet which returned a life changing sum for many members. This is an easy to operate service with a mid morning message on horses whose odds are between 7-4 and 7-2.

The beauty of this service is it offers little threat to the sustainability of your betting accounts, indeed many bookmakers still have multiples pegged as mug bets so it may even help you retain your best odds betting accounts.

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(The Betting Man)