My name is (The Betting Man).  I have been betting professionally for the best part of twenty years and the following prospectus has the aim of convincing you to make the right choice of who to trust regarding your future equine investments.

In such a crowded market place, it is sometimes difficult to come to the right choice. Especially so when there are ‘tipsters’ out there charging very little for their services and in some cases FREE of charge. The problem with this is that a very high percentage of these ‘tipsters’ have little chance of success in the longer term, simply because they aren’t good enough to make it pay. The ones that are good enough and I state the obvious example here in ‘Hugh Taylor’ of At The Races, are followed by thousands of people and the prices crash in about two minutes after the bets have been released. It is simply not sustainable in the market place to have hundreds of people trying to get on at the odds on offer and there is little chance of you winning following Hugh Taylor, unless you are getting the top or near to top prices.

I don’t need to sell tips to anyone. I make a healthy living doing what I am doing and I have a couple of chaps in London getting my bets on in the offices throughout the morning. The problem is as time goes on, I can’t really get on the amount of money that I would like. If I ask them to get me a 5000/2000, they might manage 800 at 5/2 before it is cut to 2/1. So commercially it does make sense for me to charge a small number of investors so they can benefit from my expertise.

This could not possibly work If there were too many people smashing up the prices. So I am after a small, but smart and select client base that understand the game. We can’t win every day, week or month but we will make money and serious money at that. So far proofing to the widely respected secret betting club, I am at around the 25% roi mark for early morning prices, but importantly 12% at Betfair SP. So you know there is some healthy margins there. Quite a few of my bets are at the shorter end of the market, so that makes it a lot easier to get on. Betting at big prices, advised at 33/1 and going off 16/1 makes quite a difference if you don’t achieve top price. Also the bookmakers don’t take too kindly at being beaten with big priced winners. They like punters betting at the shorter end of the market and this is where I excel, where many others cannot make it pay at short prices.

You cannot beat experience and I have that in ‘spades’. I have previously ran the betting account for ‘The Winning Line’ when they were at the top of the tree and know how to handle the pressure when the ‘chips are down’. This isn’t just another tipster offering you a chance to make money, this is an investment opportunity to work with one of the best pre play bettors in the game.

You will find our subscription rates will reflect performance in a way not many services will over with 2 options. Firstly, an annual rate set at the previous years points profit multiplied by £5. So if we make 250 points profit in a year, the fee will be £1250. If we make 200 points, it will be set at £1000.

Our second option is pay per 100 points. You pay £600 for 100 points of profit. When that target has been achieved, you will be invoiced for your next 100 points of profit.

You will only need to top up your subscription once 100pts is reached. So if I have a poor year and make 100pts on the year that’s what your subscription will have cost. However if I make 300pts in a year you will have paid 1800.00 for that year. We operate a fair odds policy so these won’t be standout prices with Boylesports the night before. They will be the prices available with at least 5 oddschecker listed bookmakers after 8.30. We also don’t include Best Odds guaranteed so if you can secure that, then that’s your bonus. You are allowed to switch memberships at any point.

As part of our launch, there will be a discount on these fees for a limited time only.

Please note there are no monthly payment options. I expect on a yearly basis to be making around the 200pt mark so by betting 20.00 per point.

This will be one of your smartest decisions if you decide to join. If not I wish you well in your future endeavours.

Best Regards

(The Betting Man)


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